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Spanish language courses in Valencia

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Popular Spanish language courses in Valencia

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Spanish language courses in Valencia

Combining urban life and a relaxed seaside atmosphere, Valencia, the third largest city in Spain, is becoming one of the most popular destinations on the Mediterranean coast. Although Valencia has a fairly rich history, it is often called one of the more modern cities in Spain. What could be better than learning Spanish among native speakers in a city with such a delightful history that allows you to get to know Spain better?

Sights of Valencia are loved and visited by a lot of people - Museum of science 
and art, the Plaza del Mercado, the historic Plaza de la Virgen, Palacio del Marques de Dos Aguas, Torres de Serranos and many others.

Holidays and festivals throughout the year provide an excellent opportunity to get to know the Spanish character. The famous Fallas festival takes place here - it is a real show of humor, fire and gunpowder, the battle of La Tomatina’s tomatoes, the Batalha del Vino wine festival and many others.

Of course, one of the main attractions of Valencia for tourists and locals is the miles of sparkling beaches a few minutes from the city center. Also in the Park of Arts and Sciences is the largest aquarium in Europe - L’Oceonagrafic.


The Mediterranean climate of Valencia is usually quite mild and pleasant, with warm, dry summers and mild winters. On average, the city has 300 sunny days a year. The main rainfall occurs in spring and autumn. Despite the fact that winter is mild, buildings in Valencia are for the summer heat, so you need to take with you a sufficient amount of warm clothes.


BookYourStudy collaborates with proven schools in Valencia such as Don Quijote, Enforex and Eurocentres.

The Don Quijote School is located in the city center on campus and
allows you to enjoy all the sights of Valencia. Around the school there is a large number of cafes and restaurants. Enforex School is 20 minutes walk to the beach, where you can see the wonderful seascapes, meet the sunrise or sunset, and to the city center. The Eurocentres school is located near the beach. The school offers a wide range of Spanish courses. The school employs only qualified and experienced teachers who will teach you Spanish in theory and practice.

Language schools in Valencia are equipped with the latest technical equipment, interactive boards and multimedia classes, and also boast a large number of facilities for students: rest rooms, computer classes, libraries, cafes and much more.
In addition to training, the schools offer an excellent excursion programme on the main attractions of Valencia.
At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate and an unforgettable experience of staying in the heart of Spain.


BookYourStudy offers a variety of Spanish courses in Valencia. You can choose a course that matches your intensity (20, 25, or 30 hours a week), and also study in groups or individually.
Schools offer preparation courses for exams such as DELE, Siele, business English courses and the Madrid Chamber of Commerce exam.
Unusual and interesting will be for you the Spanish course, complemented by dancing classes Salsa and Flamenco, where you can feel Spain even more. The duration of classes can vary from 2 weeks to a year.
On our website you can choose Spanish courses for both students and adults. And for children, there is a special programme for learning Spanish at the summer international camp.


Valencia is one of the most accessible cities in Spain for students. There are relatively low prices for rental apartments and many discounts are offered for students.
Spanish schools in Valencia provide students with accommodation or information about apartments that you can rent.

Developed volunteer activities allow students to meet with local and foreign students, improve their Spanish and find new friends.
There is also an opportunity to earn money during your free time.
Job posting sites offer part-time jobs. Most often these are vacancies in the field of education, childcare and part-time work in hotels. In addition, various internship options are offered in various professional fields.

Various parties with excellent musical diversity are mainly held on Saturdays in small bars and pubs. Food in Spain is irresistible. Paella, Gazpacho and sweet pastries - Valencia will be a paradise for gourmets.


The transport network of Valencia is well developed. Broad bus routes connect all neighborhoods of Valencia, including the beach during the day. There are also several hourly night bus routes.
A modern and efficient metro system connects a large part of the city with beaches and suburbs. The system consists of underground trains that operate during the day.
Roads and beaches are well equipped with jogging or roller skating. The city has an extensive and secure cycle track system. This method of transportation is especially convenient and popular for students, therefore there are a large number of bicycle rental points in the city.

Valencia Airport is located about 8 km to the west of the city. It is convenient to get to the airport by bus or subway.


If you want to learn Spanish in Valencia, then, as for any country of the Schengen Agreement, you need to apply for a Schengen visa.
Depending on the purpose of the visit, the visa may be:

- a short-term study visa to Spain. This type of visa is suitable for attending educational courses for up to 3 months.
- a national student visa to Spain. For long studies at Spanish universities.

- a tourist visa or business visa.

The visa department of BookYourStudy will hold a free consultation that will help you to collect, complete and submit to the embassy all the necessary documents.

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