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German language courses in Germany

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German courses in Germany

“Made in Germany” has always been a label of guaranteed quality. Germany is and has always been one of the most important cultural centers of Europe. But there is no need to look back at the glory of the past in order to realize how much the leading role in the world is occupied by this country. Today, Germany is an integral part of world politics and business. German companies abroad have always been and will be as influential as the country itself. And despite the fact that German is not the most common language in the world, and many people do not speak it, like Spanish, it is still very important, and studying it and being able to speak it opens up many borders.

Germany is located in the center of the European Union and is a link between the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Germany is one of the largest and most influential world leaders.

Germany is a developed country with a very high standard of living. It occupies the 14th place in the world ranking according to this criterion, and also supports social security, universal health care system and free higher education.

The weather in Germany is very changeable, but severe frosts and extreme droughts are rare here. Germany is a country of various reliefs and fascinating landscapes.

Thus, German courses in Germany are a quality, fast and enjoyable way to achieve the best results in learning a foreign language.

Why is learning German in Germany the right decision?

- TKnowledge of German can be a decisive criterion when applying for a job.

First, of course, knowledge of German is necessary for admission to companies working directly with Germany, and secondly, such a skill is necessary while working directly in German-speaking countries, and, of course, in Germany itself.

- There is nothing better than learning a language in a country where this language is used everywhere.

Daily communication with native speakers helps to learn the language being studied from the other side.

- Germany is a European country.

Students who decided to study in Germany chose one of the most popular languages ​​in Europe. It is also worth noting that English is commonly used here, so that English-speaking students will not have problems with studying in Germany.

- Germany can promise you a guarantee of the highest quality.

Here you can learn the language easily and efficiently. After the German courses in Germany, you will have the opportunity to work in the world's largest companies around the world and enroll in the most famous universities. Germany hosts about 250,000 students every year.

Basic information about German courses in Germany

- Schools in Germany offer to learn German at any level (from beginner to advanced);

- people of all ages can learn German at German schools;

- groups of students at such schools usually consist of 8-12 people, which allows teachers to find an approach to each student in the class;

- you can start your German language studies at a language school throughout the year; It is worth noting that the price for a course often varies depending on the duration of the chosen course (usually from 2 to 52 weeks) and the training time, seasonality (in summer there are usually more people willing to study, therefore the price for the course rises);

- courses at language schools are taught by native speakers;

- price for a course depends on many factors, such as: the duration of the course, the chosen study time, the number of lessons per week, the chosen programme (for example, courses for students with a more advanced level of knowledge of German are more expensive than for students with a beginner level; the price for preparation courses for international exams and for preparation courses for university entrance will be higher than for any other, and after passing them you should also take into account that you will have to pay for obtaining a certificate); the average cost of courses per week starts from 295 euros per week;

- the most popular language schools are: Carl Duisberg Centren Berlin, Carl Duisberg Centrum Munich, Carl Duisberg Centrum Radolfzell, The Language Gallery - Hannover, The Language Gallery - Berlin;

- the most common courses at language schools are: general German course, intensive German course, preparation courses for the international exam or university entrance, German for work, German business. You can read reviews about German courses in Germany on our website.

Accommodation options

There are two of the most common and most popular accommodation options for international students in Germany during their studies. The choice of one or the other depends solely on the personal preferences of the student.

- Accommodation in a hostel (residence)

This accommodation option is suitable for those who are interested in international communication and wants to make many acquaintances around the world. Those who choose this option will have the opportunity to study not only during classes, but also during free hours and days. The diversity of cultures around will help you learn how to quickly master the situation and solve many problems. The average cost of living in the residence for the week is about 240 euros.

- Homestay accommodation

Living in a German family is the best way to immerse yourself in the language and culture of the country. Being in a German-speaking host family will help you learn German faster, as well as speak it fluently and fill in the gaps in the pronunciation and lack of common vocabulary. The cost of living in a single room in a host family in Germany is about 180 euros.


In order to enter Germany, you must apply for a short-term student visa or a national student visa. We are pleased to help you collect all the necessary documents and fill out a form for obtaining a visa to Germany.

Choose your ideal place to learn German in Germany quickly and conveniently. Book online and get bonuses for your next trip from BookYourStudy!


- when choosing courses it is necessary to take into account many factors in order to choose the course that is suitable for you exactly in terms of language proficiency and budget; the same criteria applies when choosing housing;

- before the beginning of classes at a language school, you need to know all about the additional services that the school provides, since for many of them you will have to make a prepayment. For example, many universities transfer students from airports and stations to their place of residence (for an additional fee and when booking a course); also often not included in the course price: registration fee, selection fee, cost of renting educational materials and courier services, these fees are usually not returned;

- when staying in a family, it is also worth considering that the cost of housing does not include the cost of travel to the place of study and back, and sometimes also the cost does not include meals (in case the family does not provide the student with board or half-board).


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