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German courses abroad

German courses abroad are a great opportunity to strengthen your knowledge and brak through the language barrier. Pick a suitable programme and book it right now.

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German courses abroad

German courses abroad

As you know, a foreign language is best learned by immersing yourself in the language environment and communicating with native speakers. Therefore, German courses will be excellently held in Germany.

Germany is the country that gave the world such talented artists, recognized scientists and famous philosophers like Ludwig van Beethoven, Erich Maria Remarque, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Alexander von Humboldt, Marlene Dietrich, Immanuel Kant, Franz Kafka and many, many others! Their works, discoveries and theories even today excite the minds and souls of people. In addition, Germany is a country rich in world heritage, on its territory there are 42 objects protected by UNESCO, and another 16 claim this title (for comparison, there are only 4 in Belarus).

In addition to cultural achievements, Germany is a country with a high standard of living, its economy occupies a leading position in Europe and fourth in the world, which ensures a high standard of living. That is why people from all corners of the Earth come here. According to Deutsche Welle, about 230,000 students attend short-term and long-term study programmes annually!

Although the weather in Germany is often unpredictable: one summer day can be warm and sunny, and the next is already cold and rainy, German lands should be traveled far and wide: from the lowest areas that have preserved glacial relief in the north to the high peaks of the Alps in the south .

Knowing German, you can safely travel to such countries as Switzerland and Austria, and enjoy the view from the mountain tops. Visit Luxembourg and Liechtenstein, which is located within walking distance from neighboring countries. In addition, German is spoken in Belgium, where you can “lie down on the bottom in Bruges”.


You can study German with native speakers in Germany, Switzerland or Austria. Language school in Germany is easy to choose based on your desires. If you like megacities and attractions - choose to study in Berlin (Alpadia Berlin, Humboldt Institut) or Cologne (Carl Duisberg Cologne), want more shopping and entertainment - definitely, Munich (Did Deutsch-Institut München) or Hamburg (Did Deutsch-Institut Hamburg) . And if you like a quiet life, then you will suit Radolfzell (Carl Duisberg Radolfzell) or Freiburg. In Switzerland, you can learn German at one of the best language centers at LSI Zurich. You can also learn and deepen your knowledge of German at the ActiLingua Vienna language school.

Both adults and children, beginners and advanced, can learn German in Germany. Training takes place either in small groups of up to 12 people, or in mini groups of up to 6 people, individual lessons are also offered. The big plus is that you can join the courses at any time. Duration can vary from a week to 18 months, intensity - from 10 to 30 lessons per week. Many courses include not only studies, but also a cultural programme.

The cost depends on the location of the language school, the type of programme and the duration of the course. The average price is 250 euros per week of study.


Courses for studying German abroad are varied: you can choose a general course or an intensive course. You can take the course for exams (Goethe, TELC Deutsch, TestDAF). Language tests are important for those who are going to study at German universities or work in this country. Exam results are termless. There are also specialized courses for teachers and business German courses for those who are facing business meetings and negotiations. To prepare for university studies, a German course is required for study purposes with the study of various subjects in German.

However, what course would not choose a student, they are all practice-oriented. Also as part of the course, teachers put pronunciation, help to expand vocabulary and overcome the language barrier.

The cost of German courses abroad is as varied as the courses themselves. The price depends on the duration and intensity of training, as well as the selected city.

Upon completion of the programme, all students receive a certificate confirming the German language course at a language school in Germany.


The student can live in a dormitory, a host family or in an apartment. Family life will allow you to plunge into the German environment even more, and life in a hostel will make a lot of acquaintances. The apartment option is suitable for those who want more freedom. The average price of accommodation is 200 euros (sometimes, it may already be included in the price of courses).


In order to enter the courses and enter Germany, a visa is required, there are three types of them: short-term for short-term courses, national visa for studies and national visa for long-term courses. We are happy to help you to collect all the necessary documents and fill out a form for obtaining a visa to Germany.

German language courses are a great way to spend time with benefit and pleasure, to get to know the country and its culture and get to know new people from all over the world. You can read reviews about the successful experience of learning German abroad on our website.


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