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English language courses in New York

English courses in New York are a great opportunity to improve your knowledge and overcome the language barrier. Choose the appropriate program and book it now.

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Popular English language courses in New York

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English language courses in New York

New York is considered one of the greatest cities of our time.

It is the most populous city in the United States (according to the latest data, its population is about 8.6 million), which is unparalleled in the diversity of its neighborhoods and the people inhabiting them.

In order to more fully represent the size of New York, you need to think about

these figures: 10 thousand inhabitants per square kilometer; 5 million cars drive around the city every day; metro consists of 468 stations; The population of the city and agglomerations is 23 million people. Such figures, of course, do not reflect all scales. In order to evaluate them, you need to see it with your own eyes.

New York can be called the soul and face of the United States, because speaking of this country, we often imagine this particular metropolis with its special atmosphere. Being a major financial and economic center, New York attracts countless intellectuals, artists, and millions of tourists and immigrants every year. He becomes home to those who seek themselves and their place in life.

Why is learning English in New York woth it?

New York is a vibrant representative of US culture, and if you want to feel the original, true spirit of life in America, you should begin your acquaintance with the country from this international metropolis. Thus, studying English in New York will be for you:

Firstly, the opportunity to plunge into the seething life of the most famous cities in the USA.

Secondly, due to the fact that about 40% of the population of the city are not

native English speakers, you will hear many accents that will help you to understand people of various nationalities around the world without any particular difficulties.

Thirdly, internationality ensures that the experience of language teaching is diverse, which will provide you with reliable and qualified teachers.

Fourth, you can get to know the culture of different countries, being within the same city. And it is impossible not to note the fact that New York promises a lot of diverse impressions, pleasures and joy to all those staying in it. It has a “tonic” effect: the unabating and dynamic life goes on even at night. During student life in New York, you will definitely have something to see: The Statue of Liberty is the main symbol of America; Wall Street, associated with finances; Broadway, which is synonymous with theater; Fifth Avenue, filled with a variety of boutiques of all famous brands; Madison Avenue embodying the advertising industry, the neon and pulsating Times Square, the Empire State Building, the exotic Chinatown strewn with Chinese temples and markets, shops and meditation gardens; museums, exhibitions, theaters, parks and a huge number of other achievements of human engineering and cultural thought.

A nice bonus would be that in New York a lot of free entertainment - from concerts and film screenings to museums and parks.


The most famous language schools in New York are:

1. FLS St. Peter’s University, which features location in the suburbs, separation of students into 18 levels of English, from beginner to high advanced, a large selection of courses in various formats and orientations for all age groups, developed by author's methods and programs and leisure activities.

2. Kaplan New York SoHo, which is one of the most famous and reliable schools tested by time and many graduates, emphasizing academic disciplines and in-depth language learning.

3. EC New York will conquer you not only by the quality education received within its walls (confirmed by accreditations), but also by its location in the heart of Manhattan, in Times Square. A distinctive feature of the school is the presence of a firm guarantee on the progress in attaining a language. If a student attended all classes and did homework, but did not reach a new level of language training for the promised period, additional lessons are given to him for free.

4. English Language School (ELS) allows you to prepare for entry to US universities. The program is divided into 12 levels of English (from beginner to carrier level) and trains the main aspects of the language (grammar, speaking, writing, etc.). Teaching here is conducted by 4-week modules, respectively, the course cost is determined for such a module, and not for a week. The network is accredited by major international educational associations, its certificates are recognized by over 600 universities in the United States and Canada.

5. Embassy was founded in New York in 1980 and is also located on

Manhattan. It is interesting that the tasks often go beyond the cabinet, you should check your knowledge in real situations (for example, you can be asked to write an article for a blog, make a video about a school with a group, have a chat with a local). Schools are equipped with multimedia and computer classes and modern technology.

6. LSI - Language Studies International offers modern language teaching technologies, an excellent student infrastructure and services of highly qualified teachers and staff, and a rich cultural and entertainment program.


A trip to New York for training usually lasts at least a month, so how exactly such a period of study must be paid for obtaining a student visa.

The cost of training depends on the type of course chosen, the school, the number of hours of training.

In a multi-million metropolis, it is enough to simply choose the English language course that suits you, which is associated with a large number of people who constantly come to the city, who in most cases want to stay in it one way or another. Therefore, language centers offer programs from Beginner levels to High-Advanced, for different age groups, with different numbers of hours, workload and teaching methods.

The most popular courses are standard or general English. It will help everyone to acquire new knowledge and skills, regardless of the level of language proficiency. The structure of the course may vary depending on the individual preferences of teachers and students.

For those who want to develop professionally, schools offer courses of Business English. Courses are a general study of English combined with business communication lessons that will help you achieve significant results in creating an international career.

Individual language courses are popular, because in this way it is possible to most strongly improve your language level. Intensive English courses are suitable for those who already have some knowledge of the language, but want to rise to a new level. Schools also offer super intensive courses. Such courses are most useful for beginners, because This is the shortest way to master the language.

Schools offer numerous preparation courses in the TOEFL exam, because with it you can study at US universities. Its presence is a prerequisite for admission. Highly qualified school teachers use a large number of specialized materials to meet the needs of the whole group. Students are expected to do homework on a daily basis, write sample tests, work in full force and absolute dedication.

Also, schools are not spared by children and adolescents: summer, vacation English courses are offered, where children can combine business with pleasure: travel, excursions and study.

The cost of courses starts from $ 360 per week for an intensive course and reaches $ 3,000 for individual tuition.


You can live while studying in a student dormitory, in an American family, in a hotel, in a hostel, or rent housing yourself. The level of comfort of housing and its distance from the place of study depends on the particular school and is negotiated when choosing a curriculum.

Homestay is the most popular option, which will attract those who wish to combine relatively small cash expenditures with home comfort and comfort and amenities, full house meals and immersion in the cultural and linguistic environment. The cost of such pleasure on average up to 1000 dollars.

Student residences are usually quite accommodations, however there is free wifi and the ability to officially leave the guest for the night. They're suitable for those who want to spend a lot of time with their peers, to constantly practice the language being studied and, on the whole, to experience an independent life. In most cases, from the place of residence to the place of study you will have to travel by public transport. It costs about 800 dollars.

For independent students or for those who want to try to live the most suitable option is renting an apartment. However, renting a one-room apartment in an inexpensive area of ​​New York will cost $ 3,000 per month.


An American visa is one of the most difficult to obtain. this is due to the potential flow of migrants. However, the completed application form and a full package of documents are the main condition for obtaining the coveted stamp in the passport. The visa department of the BookYourStudy agency will help you with this. With us open a visa is easy and simple. Depending on the purpose of your visit to the United States, we will help you arrange various American visas. A student or tourist visa is best for studying. Why get a visa in the US with us convenient?

1) We will select the right type of visa in the United States for you.

2) We will hold a free consultation.

3) Professionally and quickly fill out all the necessary documents.

4) We will do everything as soon as possible.

We provide comprehensive support to our clients, ranging from the selection of training programs and execution of necessary documents and ending with accommodation and transfer. Our consultants are always ready to help and explain all unclear points.

Choose your ideal place to learn English in New York quickly and conveniently. Book online and get bonuses for your next trip from BookYourStudy!

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