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English language courses in San Francisco

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English language courses in San Francisco

San Francisco, where life is constantly bustling with activity, is one of the most popular cities in the USA and an excellent choice for those who want to learn English. It is incredibly dynamic and atmospheric, which attracts many tourists. San Francisco is known for its panoramic views that captivate both indigenous people and tourists. The Coit Tower, located on top of Telegraph Hill, is a favorite place for those who want to enjoy the scenery of the famous bay. Presidio is an excellent observation post over the Golden Bridge. A huge number of bars on the roofs also provide an opportunity to enjoy the views of an unusual city.

The weather is another point that makes tourists wonder, and the residents love their city more. It can change dramatically: a fog suddenly drops to the ground and cools San Francisco. In general, the weather is cooler in the city than behind it, and therefore the accommodation here is very comfortable.

But this is not all the reasons why you should  choose this city. Cultural diversity and friendly people are also not able to leave anyone without impressions. If the US is a melting pot, then San Francisco is its hottest part. Because of this, the city is just the perfect place for lovers of delicious food. Here you can find literally everything: from expensive restaurants to local fast foods, from restaurants of national cuisine to places where delicious food experiments are carried out over food. In one you can be sure for one hundred percent: you will not stay hungry here.

There will be entertainment for every taste: a huge number of musical performances as still unknown, but still talented groups, and for a long time favorite performers; dance shows; art exhibitions; free street festivals, such as the Union Street Festival, How Weird Street Fair and Carnival San Francisco; museums, Exploratorium, Asian Art Museum, California Academy of Sciences.

The city is incredibly interesting for its geographical location: located on 40 hills, the most famous of which are Telegraph Hill, Nob Hill, Russian Hill, which is known for its picturesque streets. Despite the large population of about 878,887 people, it is quite compact and has a developed infrastructure. In addition, one of the favorite ways of spending time both for tourists and locals is to ride bicycles, which can be easily rented.

Courses and schools

Studying English in San Francisco is available for people of all ages and levels of preparation. The city has 6 most famous schools, including Stafford House International, Embassy English, European Center, CISL San Francisco, St Giles San Francisco, TALK San Francisco, Kaplan international and others. The average age of most program participants is above 16 years old, but there are courses aimed at teaching younger students.

General language courses are available in all language schools, which, subject to student input, can guarantee an improvement of language skills regardless of initial knowledge. Prices for such a course start at $ 300 per week. The average class duration is 45 minutes to one hour.

Many schools offer courses to prepare for the TOEFL, CAE and other exams. Such courses are recommended to take more than one week for the best preparation. Their intensity can be selected depending on their preferences. Preparing for the Cambridge First Certificate can cost as low as $ 520 per week. The prices for TOEFL preparation courses are on average the same, but can range from $ 200 depending on the school.

In addition to the general English course, you can also take an intensive, with the number of classes up to 30 per week. Such courses are suitable for those who want to spend their time in San Francisco with the maximum benefit for themselves. Business English programs are available, as well as programs for those who want to combine the practice of language skills with sports or, for example, cooking. During these courses, in the free time, participants are trained under the guidance of professional trainers.


During the course, students can choose a place to stay. It can be organized in host families, student residences and hotels.

The most curious students can live in a hostel, where there are both single and shared rooms. Most hostels provide free Wi-Fi, bedding, refrigerators for food, and breakfast may be included in the price. The conditions in the rooms are quite comfortable. Common room prices start at $ 30 per night. Such hostels are a great choice for those who love communication and new experiences.

For those who appreciate personal space and maximum comfort, more expensive hotels or apartments are perfect. Here, students will have to take care of their diet and how to get to their place of study. This will not be a problem, because, as stated above, San Francisco is a fairly compact city.

For those who appreciate personal space and maximum comfort, more expensive hotels or apartments are perfect. Here, students will have to take care of their diet and how to get to their place of study. This will not be a problem, because, as stated above, San Francisco is a fairly compact city with a well-developed infrastructure and many cafes and restaurants for every taste.

Homestay is an option for those who like life in a friendly, cohesive atmosphere. Many students choose it because it is one of the best ways to get to know culture and, of course, traditions. In the family, the student is offered a private room and all the necessary conditions. In the morning, participants of the program will have a warm breakfast and a great company. Every family is different, but you can be sure that after any of them there will be pleasant impressions.

Student residence is convenient because it is usually located next to the place of study. Single and double rooms are available for staying, you can choose your type of food. The advantages of a residence are that it is an opportunity to meet a huge number of people from all over the world.


In order to study at a language course in the United States, you must have an F student visa. Before you apply, you must register for a course, as the consulate must present a form from a language school. Getting a visa in the United States is usually associated with great hassle, but do not worry: you can always
count on our help in preparing the necessary documents for the visa and filling out the questionnaire.

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