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Engilsh language courses in Malta

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Engilsh language courses in Malta


Malta is a sunny archipelago in the middle of the Mediterranean, consisting of three islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino. Its location creates ideal conditions for visiting at any time of the year. The island of Malta has a rich history and amazing nature. Malta is the largest island in the archipelago with a population of 450,000 inhabitants, while the neighboring island of Gozo is home to only 40,000 people. But the third island of Comino boasts the crystal clear waters of the Blue Lagoon, which attracts thousands of tourists and locals. Malta is littered with charming masterpieces of architecture from different times, tourists love to walk through the winding streets of Valletta - the capital of the island, as well as the medieval town of Mdina. Those who adore a lively nightlife are waiting for Paceville, St. Julian's and Sliema with streets full of bars, restaurants, cafes and clubs. In Malta, you can enjoy both national cuisine and Mediterranean and international dishes.

Why is learning English in Malta the right decision?

- Many language schools

In Malta, there is a huge variety of language schools that attract hundreds of thousands of students, especially in summer. Considering the Mediterranean climate, low cost of living and low crime rates, Malta is an ideal place for students who want to learn English in a warm, unique and accessible environment.

- Developed English speaking environment

Since Malta was a British colony and was part of the British Empire for almost 150 years, the island has a significant British influence: about 90% of the population speak English, which is the official language on a par with Maltese. And, since the most convenient and easiest way to learn a language is to completely plunge into its atmosphere, studying in Malta is exactly what suits everyone.

- Favorable climate

Malta has a typical Mediterranean climate, strongly influenced by the sea, with mild winters and hot, rainy summers. As a rule, all rainy weather falls in autumn and winter.

The average annual temperature is about 23 ° C. Malta is a very sunny state: for the year the sun shines 3000 hours here, while in London there are only 1,400, and this is another reason to prefer Malta to any other place of learning the language.

- Relatively cheap training

If you want to learn English, but a trip to European schools in France, England or, say, Germany - you can not afford, you may need to think about finding a more budget option. For comparison: on average, the cost of training for the week in England will be 150-180 pounds (220-250 euros), and in Malta for the same period of study you will pay about 120-150 euros (the cost of training for courses in both cases does not include accommodation and additional contributions, which, of course, will help to incur additional costs).


Malta offers courses for both adults and children with any level of language proficiency. Classes are held either in groups of 5 to 12 people, or individually.

As a rule, all courses start on Mondays at any time of the year.

Their duration varies from one week to one year, and the intensity from 15 to 40 hours per week. Some courses are combined with outdoor activities, excursions or hobbies.

Every school offers a huge variety of courses, so you can easily choose the one that you like.

During the general and intensive course, you will learn the basic aspects of the language, develop your conversational language and be able to use English fluently in everyday life. Regardless of your level, the course will allow you to develop 4 language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking). And by reproducing real life situations as a context in class, you will improve your understanding of the English language, its grammatical structures, and acquire the necessary confidence.

In Malta, you can also prepare for the IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, Cambridge exams.

IELTS and TOEFL are international exams confirming the level of language proficiency. Passing such examinations will allow you to enter higher education institutions abroad or get a job in any English-speaking company in the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the USA and other countries in Europe and Asia. Schools in Malta, in addition to standard courses in general English, also offer specialized courses with a major focus on business communication, and computer technology.

The student can choose individual lessons with a teacher. In this case, the programme will be compiled depending on your goals and desires. You can choose the area on which you want to concentrate, the time of the classes and their intensity.

Whichever course you choose, you will be able to improve your level of English, enhance communication skills, expand vocabulary and be able to feel comfortable in the English language environment.

On average, the cost of education in Malta varies from 120-300 euros per week (without accommodation) and up to 400-700 euros per week (including residence at the residence or with the host family).


Every English language school offers an amazing variety of courses and opportunities, and every city harbors many mysteries that attract students from all over the world.

From a huge number of schools BookYourStudy will help you choose the school of your dreams:

1. Inlingua School of Languages. Founded in 1980 and with 37 years of experience, Inlingua is proud to be the second language school to be established on the island. In the Inlingua School of Languages ​​everyone will find what he is looking for - you can start the course every Monday! Regardless of whether the course is business English or family programmes for children under the age of 5 years and their parents - the school will be able to choose the course specifically for you.

2. European Center (Malta) - The European Center School (Malta) will become your guide in the country of English. The school has eight air-conditioned classrooms in which you can easily concentrate on taking any course. You can use the computer room with WiFi for free here. For a comfortable rest of the students there are also cozy rooms for self-preparation.

3. NSTS ELI (English Language Institute). NSTS is committed to affordable, high-quality education at the international level, hospitality and knowledge sharing among people who maintain a friendly atmosphere. With more than 50 years of experience, the school understands the importance and necessity of quality education. School teachers have internationally recognized qualifications, such as CELTA, TELT Cert and University Degrees. Non-academic staff is also highly qualified to provide holistic education and provide social experience to students.

4. Magister Academy was one of the first English schools that was opened in Malta. The school was also one of the first accredited FELTOM. The Magister Academy, located in the center of St. Julian, offers general, intensive, communicative and business English for adults (18+). The school also offers long-term academic courses and individual lessons. Magister Academy consists of 10 bright and spacious classrooms. All classrooms are air-conditioned and comfortably furnished. School facilities also include a library, computers with Internet access, a self-study center and a sun terrace.


In addition to the huge variety of courses, you also have the choice of accommodation. You can choose a residence, apartment or a host family depending on your preferences and goals.

- Accommodation in residence

Living in a residence attracts many students with favorable living conditions, comfort and fun pastime. Usually residences are located within walking distance of the place of study, and sometimes on the territory of the school itself. The price of such accommodation for one is usually about 110-150 euros per week. Accommodation may also include or not include the presence of a kitchen and bathroom in the room, on the floor or in several rooms, or the possibility of half or full board.

- Accommodation in apartments

Accommodation in apartments will make you feel more independent. Here you can make new friends, practice English in a natural environment and learn something new about the culture of different countries. You will have to pay about 300-1000 euros per person for living in the apartment, and also make a deposit in the amount of one month’s stay, which you can then get back in case the landlord does not detect any breakdowns (it is necessary to specify the deposit individually). The advantages of living in an apartment include the presence of a private kitchen, bathroom and toilet, as well as the ability to depend on no one and adjust to curfew rules, which are usually set in residences.

- Homestay

Homestay is the best way to dive into the English-speaking atmosphere. Here you can feel the family comfort, find out how the locals live, try the local cuisine, and maybe even cook something for yourself. You can also practice English in a natural environment outside of class. The cost of living in a family, usually varies from 120-300 euros per person.

You can choose the most convenient accommodation option for you when choosing and booking a course on our website.


For all students planning to study in Malta or visit it, a student visa is required. The specialists of our agency Bookyourstudy will help you with any questions regarding the issue of a visa to Malta or the selection of a training programme and accommodation options. Book your English tuition in Malta right now with Bookyourstudy!

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